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Chase Alliance is a leading debt collection agency within the UK. We specialise in debt recovery across a wide range of industries, from some of the largest multi-nationals, through to SMEs and sole traders. Whatever their size, all of our clients have one thing in common: they have a requirement to get back monies outstanding to them, for which they can rely on Chase Alliance.

Whether you are owed money by another business, or have a difficult customer who is refusing to pay up on time, our professional and robust debt recovery services are designed to deal with any situation imaginable, in an expedient and professional manner.

We operate all over the UK, and if a debt is collectable, we will collect it. Take the first step in recovering your money, and contact us on 0208 432 6287, or by email: [email protected] for advice and information on how we can help your business.

At Chase Alliance, we work in collaboration with a leading firm of commercial Solicitors. Together, we are able to offer a wide range of legal services and instigate legal proceedings for debts owed within the UK. We offer the following services:

  • Commercial debt collection
  • Portfolio debt collection
  • Private debt collection
  • Credit checks
  • Track & trace
  • Legal services