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Safety is paramount at any event, and it is our job to ensure that everything runs smoothly. All of our staff undertake training before commencing work with us, and continue to undertake a variety of training sessions throughout their time at Chase Alliance.

It is important for a steward to be versatile and to be able to adapt to different crowds and events. Their skills developed through training programmes, and more importantly experience, enable them to do so – and to undertake their role professionally, and efficiently.

An important part of our work is customer care, which is heavily emphasised to our staff. You can be sure that Chase Alliance personnel act with the utmost professionalism and help to provide a secure and enjoyable environment. They are aware that tact and discretion are invaluable when dealing with any tricky and difficult situation which may occur.

Prior to the commencement of any event, we will visit the prospective venue to undertake a full security survey; we will sign an operations manager who will be responsible for the day to day running of the event; and all staff will be fulled briefed, to be made familiar with the layout of the venue and ensure the event is managed to the organiser’s specifications.

All of our stewards are easily identifiable in a crowd. All are supplied with high visibility clothing and should any problem arise all stewards have radio access making communication and response quick, and effective. We undertake all aspects of stewarding and security: indoors, or outdoors. We can help your event, however large or small, to run smoothly and incident free.