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I have checked these details are correct.  I confirm I have the permission of the referees I have provided on this form to pass their personal details to you.  I understand and agree to Chase Alliance Sec Ltd using this and other data to create and maintain records on me and for statistical purposes in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. I agree to allowing my details to be passed to provider, Payroll Services. I agree that this information will be kept for the duration of the recruitment process and for a period of time thereafter.  Should I be employed I agree that this information will be kept for the duration of my employment and for a period of time following this.  I am aware I have the right to request a copy of the data held on me.
Chase Alliance Sec Ltd will process data about you for a variety of purposes including all aspects of the administration of your employment.  This will include your data being used to produce statistics to show workforce trends.
We will not give out data about you to third parties except where you ask us to or where the company is under a legal requirement to provide information.  This means, for example that we will pass some information to government departments, auditors, and to Pension Funds administrators.  We will also give details to the police where we are legally required to do so, i.e. in emergencies and where crime detection or prevention can be aided by the release of data.
We will not release data to anyone who is unauthorised.  If you wish your data to be released in such circumstances you must consent to this.  This means that we will not release data to banks, friends, third parties, relatives etc. without your agreement.  If you wish us to provide information to someone such as a bank you should contact us to give your consent, either directly or through the third party requesting the data, or you should ensure that you pass the third party request to us yourself.
It is your responsibility to inform us if data we hold about you requires updating.  You must notify us immediately if your personal data changes, for example, your address.
Chase Alliance Sec Ltd will retain your records after you have left so that we can provide references or pension details etc when asked to do so.
You are entitled to request a copy of the data we hold about you.  You are also entitled to raise an objection where the processing of data we hold about you is likely to cause damage or distress (subject to provisions contained in the Data Protection Act 2018).  Requests should be made in writing to your line manager.
If you have any queries regarding data protection and your employment you should contact Chase Alliance Head Office.

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